Mental Health Awareness Week 2020


Mental Health Awareness Week has been running for almost 20 years but we can’t compare this year to any other. Over the past couple of months, Covid-19 has impacted on all our lives.

Being in lockdown and having our routines turned upside down is difficult for everyone. We are all facing mental health challenges, and perhaps some of us haven’t had to before, but the advice is the same for everyone. Be kind and look after yourself & others.

This year’s theme is kindness, with a focus on its power to create community, support and hope to positively impact our mental health.

Mental health problems can affect anyone, at any time and at Bon Accord Care, we believe that preventing, supporting and removing the stigma of mental health, is everyone’s business.  For us to show kindness to others however, we need to be as kind as we possibly can to ourselves.

It is important that we’re able to talk openly and honestly about our mental health and we can provide information and resource on where to access the right support if needed.

Our wellbeing team continue to work towards these goals this week and every week and they have collated a list of resources that can help support you.

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