Are you a Telecare User?

Keep Safe During Telecare Changes


The Community Alarm and Telecare Service helps people to stay independent and healthy in their own home for longer by providing continuous and automatic monitoring of your lifestyle changes.

Some telecare service users have been targeted by scam callers in the last few weeks. The calls ask users to pay for a new alarm as their current system is obsolete and ask for their bank details.


The Bon Accord Care Telecare Service will never contact you over the telephone to ask for bank details or money. If you receive a call of this nature or wish to check up on a call you believe to be from our service but are unsure about, please contact the service direct on 01224 788616 for verification.


If someone you know is a telecare user, please make them aware of this current scam. It would be useful to explain how to deal with nuisance calls. The following information may be helpful:

  • People can sign up to the Telephone Preference Service for FREE either online or by calling 0345 070 0707;
  • Many home phone providers offer services (some of which are free) to block unwanted calls e.g. BT Call Protect , Talk Talk's Call Safe;
  • Unwanted calls can be blocked using built-in call blocking features on home or mobile phones;
  • You can buy standalone devices that can be used to block/ monitor calls from your local electrical shop
  • For more information on potential solutions check out Which’s article on How to block nuisance calls

If you are using call blocking options, it is important to include telecare service numbers in the “trusted”/ “safe” numbers. The Telecare Service can provide these numbers for you.


If you or someone you know, has been approached by a scam caller, please contact the service so they can log it.

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