Kingswells Rated 5 Star by Care Inspectorate

Bon Accord Care are delighted to announce that our Kingswells team have been awarded an overall Grade 5* in our most recent Care Inspectorate report, with a Grade 5 awarded for each indicator.

Our inspection looked at three key indicators,

  • How well people's health and wellbeing are supported and safeguarded during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Whether infection control practices support a safe environment for people experiencing care and staff
  • Are our staffing arrangements responsive to the changing needs of people experiencing care?

With regard to the first key area, the report highlighted the commitment and hard work our staff have shown throughout this pandemic, commending the way in which we have adapted and altered our approach, stating “In Kingswells Care Home we found that supporting people and maximising their wellbeing was a priority for everyone and so was at a very good standard. The home had a calm and caring environment because support was based on relevant evidence and people were treated with dignity and respect.”

Our team work ethic coupled with strong communication has helped play a key role in achieving a high grade in area 2 and the report emphasized this by explaining, “When we considered the infection control in Kingswells Care Home we found a very good standard of environmental cleanliness and a high standard of staff knowledge about infection prevention and control.

The report highlighted some observations which assured them that our staffing arrangements were indeed responsive and able to cope with the changing needs of our residents.  They noted that there were always enough staff members on hand to cope with a variety of situations and our use of the same relief staff helped minimise the number of staff in contact with people.  It must also be especially pleasing for our staff to read that “A lot of thought had been put into how to keep people safe while helping them to maintain their normal lives.

The final paragraph in the report reads, “During our inspection we spoke with all grades of staff and everyone appreciated the support from the manager and the leadership team. Staff told us they were supported and enabled to be innovative and suggest ideas because of the good teamwork that was in place. One member of staff told us that they were proud to be a part of the team and we could see why they would feel like that.

This report is a reflection on all your hard work. 



*Care Inspectorate Scotland have a grading structure between 1 and 6 where 1 is Unsatisfactory and 6 is Excellent

You can read the Scottish Parliament Fortnightly Inspection report HERE

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