Why Are Policies And Procedures So Important?

Policies and procedures are an essential part of any organisation. Together, policies and procedures provide a road map for day-to-day operations. They ensure compliance with laws and regulations, give guidance for decision-making, and streamline internal processes.

However, policies and procedures are no use if they aren’t followed.

It may not always be easy or quick to follow rules, but policies are put in place to ensure tasks are performed correctly and safely no matter the effort required.

Following policies and procedures is good for everyone as a whole.

As we create and implement policies (especially in an ever-changing climate), it’s important to make sure you understand why following them is critical.

Here are just a few of the positive outcomes of following policies and procedures:


Consistent processes and structures

Policies and procedures keep operations from devolving into complete chaos.

When everyone is following policies and procedures, the organisation can run smoothly.

Management structures and teams operate as they’re meant to while mistakes and hiccups in processes can be quickly identified and addressed.

When staff follow policies and procedures, time and resources are used more efficiently helping to hit goals and achieve growth.

Consistency in practice helps you understand what you are responsible for, what is expected of you, and what you can expect from your supervisors and co-workers. This frees them up to do their jobs with confidence.


Better quality service

When procedures are followed, tasks are performed correctly, providing consistent customer service. This enhances the quality of our service.  In turn it improves our company’s reputation. Knowing you are fulfilling your role allows you to take pride in your work.


A safer workplace

Workplace accidents and incidents are less likely to occur when policies and procedures are adhered to.

For the company, this reduces liability risk and limits disruption in operations. You should feel safe and comfortable in the workplace, knowing that your managers and co-workers are looking out for your best interest.  If, however, something does happen, it’s reassuring to know that measures are in place to take care of those involved. 


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