Climbing the ladder


At Bon Accord Care, there are many examples of our success in supporting the most vulnerable people in this community.  We take pride from providing people with everything they need to live a more independent lifestyle.  Often, our team have excelled and provided those in our care with more than could be reasonably expected.  One such employee, who has gone the extra mile, is Carolyn Slessor, who currently works as an Assistant Manager in our Central Hub. 

Carolyn started with Bon Accord Care in 2018 as a service supervisor and has consistently shown a desire to develop both the service and herself.   Her commitment was evident early on when she eagerly took the lead in managing the ice phone rota.  A reputation for having good problem-solving skills was soon developed meaning staff were more than happy to contact her with any issues before contacting a line manager.

In June 2020, Carolyn was asked to support a very sheltered housing complex through a challenging time, with the added complication of covid-19.  Carolyn stepped up to the challenge, embraced it and led the service, empowering her colleagues to ensure that service delivery was safe and legal.  One of Carolyn’s many strength’s is her ability to support staff and colleagues positively through a process of change.

It was during this time Carolyn realised her potential and applied for a vacant assistant manager role.  Her hunger for the chance to prove herself at this new level was clear for all to see and she was successful in obtaining the position.

Of the 20 sheltered housing complexes in the Central Hub, Carolyn is directly responsible for 10 and she continues to contribute beyond expectations while empowering her colleagues within.  Managing staff teams, providing training, devising rota’s, performing audits, and engaging with service users is all in a day’s work.  

Motivating her teams to reach their full potential is what, in turn, motivates Carolyn in her own personal development path. Carolyn continues to thoroughly enjoy her role and will be an asset when any future challenges may arise.

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